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FUNshoot News. Marksmanship and gunsmithing news and views.

FUNshoot News. Marksmanship and gunsmithing news and views.

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FUNshoot News - Spotting Scope Maintenance

Regarding your article "Analysis 'The only purpose of a gun is to kill'": Statistics can be incredibly biased when presented in a verbally-structured, idealistic argument. Just spitting a statistic doesn't tell an actual story. This would be like stating guns…


FUNshoot News - Analysis: "The only purpose of a gun is to kill"

Gun Control Claim: Guns have only one purpose, and that is to kill. AR-15 rifles specifically are meant to kill as many people as efficiently as possible.The following analysis from Scott V, a physicist, digital artist, educator, and rights advocateThis claim…


FUNshoot News - Training Scars, Shooting Skill, and the "Dicken Drill"

The “training scar” fallacy is a popular myth that refuses to die. It typically stems from making unsubstantiated claims against some aspect of competitive shooting. The truth is, increased scores in competition is only possible by improving your Shot Process…


FUNshoot News - Review: Redding T7

If you’re a shooting enthusiast interested in loading accurate ammunition the Redding T7 turret press is a good option for you. However, the progressive versions really need some changes!Because with progressive presses, you barely acquire advanced features, …


FUNshoot News - Best Small Game Hunting Calibers

We'll define small game hunting here as taking critters under forty pounds at shorter ranges. Smaller centerfire cartridges for varmints such as 222 Remington, 223 Remington work better at longer ranges as higher-velocity bullets may devastate many smaller an…


FUNshoot News - Trouble in the Arms Room: Procedures and Regulations

As a member of a formal military marksmanship team, I had U.S. Army weapons issued to me for about two decades for training and competitions. I stored these weapons locally (not in a military arms room) and even in my home as directed by AR 190–11.AR 190–11 (…


FUNshoot News - SCOTUS Decision

Thanks to J.C. Tate for sharing this.


FUNshoot News - Military Rifles and Accuracy

Noreen BN36


FUNshoot News - Police Chiefs and the Second Amendment

Why So Many Police Chiefs Favor Gun Control When Most Sheriffs Don'tThis contains some concepts that many folks haven't considered. Note, there is no intent to side with or against the police, advancing excuses for them, or to give an appearance of picking on…


FUNshoot News - Military Handgun Shooting and Maintenance

This covers the M9, which has been replaced by the M17/M18 (SIG 320) but is still in active service. I'll cover the M17/M18 in a future issue.The M9 pistol should be disassembled into its major components and cleaned immediately after firing. All metal compon…


FUNshoot News - Gun Control Studies

The following analysis is from Aaron C. Brown, a risk analyst, statistician, and financial author. Brown teaches statistics at New York University and at the University of California at San Diego and writes regular columns for Bloomberg and Wilmott. He holds …


FUNshoot News - 380 ACP Pistols

from Primary ArmsWhat Are Some Great Pistols Chambered in .380 ACP?There is a huge variety of semi-automatic handguns chambered in .380 ACP. But which ones are the best buy for your needs? Use this list as a guide to determine which ones will best fit your ne…


FUNshoot News - Shooting Teams and Military Investigations

Under Investigation? Know Your Rights and Don’t Engage the Enemy AloneBy: Mike Eaton, Esq.You feel sick in the pit of your stomach. You have just found out, either through the grapevine or by formal notification, that you are under investigation. Your first r…


FUNshoot News - Gun Restrictions Fuel Spree Killings

Gun Restrictions Fuel Spree KillingsThe Buffalo, New York spree shooter published a manifesto detailing his plan of attack and it is still online:'ve highlighted the key points outlini…


FUNshoot News - The Winning Combination

Competition or Combat:Fast 'n Accurate is the Winning Combination!Recently, a "name" shooting school circulated a meme insinuating competition shooters routinely fail to shoot accurately when under pressure. "We see it all the time" the meme-maker retorts des…


FUNshoot News - Machine Guns, Gun Violence study

Machine Guns


FUNshoot News - Gunsmith Resources

Trinidad State Gunsmithing School


FUNshoot News - Teaching to the Test

by Steven ClineThe Deadeye MethodThere is some debate on standardized testing in schools. Specifically, there are complaints and accusations of “teaching to the test.” I admit to being confused as to why this is. It is only reasonable to teach students additi…


FUNshoot News - Health, Shooting, Managing Military Service

What Veterans and Service Members Need to Know About Military Discharge UpgradesBy: Eric Duncan, Esq.You have spent countless years of your life serving your country with honor and distinction, only to find yourself facing a discharge less than fully honorabl…


FUNshoot News - Handgun Stuff

Should You Ever Use a Revolver for Concealed Carry Many firearm enthusiasts will have a few AR15 platform rifles with tactically configured upper receivers featuring multiple accessories in their arsenals. These same gun owners may also have a favored pistol …